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A version of this article was published in the December 2012 issue of Cult MTL.

The sour taste of the new coffee orthodoxy

Over the last few years, a new breed of coffee shop has entered the Montreal scene. These include, to name a few, Myriade, Flocon, Névé, and Sardine. These establishments are said by coffee aficionados to be local manifestations of the so-called Third Wave of Coffee. Broadly speaking, they aim to take the quality of coffee to a new level through closer attention to sourcing and a refinement of processing and preparation techniques. Though this may sound like a worthwhile effort, it doesn’t necessarily produce better tasting coffee.

The purported First Wave of gourmet coffee was that which brought drip coffee makers and large cans of Folgers and its ilk to households across North America.

The second wave introduced the espresso and regional coffee varieties to the general public. With it came coffee shop chains such as Starbucks and Second Cup. Instead of pursuing quality, the chains turned their focus to diversifying their menus with high calorie, espresso-based novelty beverages. Grande Peppermint White Chocolate Mocha, anyone?

Enter the so-called Third Wave. A new generation of independent cafés started aiming to push quality to new levels by treating coffee as an artisanal product rather than a mere commodity. Third Wave purveyors extol the merits of certain coffee varietals from particular terroirs, the way a sommelier speaks about wine. They speak reverently about the “artisans” that grew, selected, fermented and roasted the beans. They enthusiastically convey the minutiae of different methods of coffee preparation. The movement could be caricatured as a new coffee religion with extreme nerds as priests.

Third Wave coffee temples, including the aforementioned ones in Montreal, dogmatically employ lightly roasted coffees, in contrast to the sacrilegiously “over-roasted” beans at the likes of Starbucks. The lighter roasting is supposed to prevent certain heat-sensitive, flavour-imparting chemicals from being destroyed. The disciples of the Third Wave claim that coffees treated thus are more likely to retain the properties intrinsic to the particular bean varietal and the terroir from whence it came.

The thing about lighter roasting is that it yields more sour coffee. Fewer of the naturally occurring acids in the beans are dissipated. The high degree of acidity is nowhere more apparent than in straight, black espressos but will even come through in a milky latte.

A shot I had a while ago at one of the Third Wave coffee houses had a pleasantly spicy, earthy nose—no doubt, some of the beans' intrinsic qualities shining through. In my mouth, however, it tasted so sour that it was almost puckering. Another espresso I recently consumed smelled equally nice but tasted like canned tomato soup. For a few fleeting moments, I detected notes of cinnamon, pepper, and something that hinted of apricot. But, at the finish, the tomato soup came back and lingered persistently in my mouth. Needless to say, this isn’t exactly the taste I’m looking for from a coffee.

I had a very instructive experience about a year ago at a new café in Saint-Henri called Campanelli. I really enjoyed the perfect, crema-capped espresso there and asked the barrista about the beans he used. I expected a long-winded diatribe on some catchy-named, micro-roasted beans flown in from the West Coast. Instead, to my astonishment, I was shown a big, blue bag of Lavazza Pienaroma beans and told little more than “we use these”. These Lavazza beans are literally the polar opposite of the single-varietal, single-estate, micro-roasted products sanctified by Third Wave establishments. They are a blend of arabica and the oft-disdained robusta beans sourced from, for all we know, the Andromeda galaxy, and roasted on an industrial scale.

Campanelli and other, mostly Italian-owned independent coffee shops (such as San Simeon, Café Vito, and Lili & Oli, to name a few favourites) do not belong to the Starbucks style nuked coffee second wave but don’t subscribe to the third wave single sourcing, light roasting fad. They are in a sense “No Wave” cafés, impervious to (or ignorant of) the changing fashions and orthodoxies of the gourmet coffee world.

Personally, I would rather skip the Third Wave sermon and grab a classic, well-balanced shot of espresso—one that tastes like coffee, not Campbell’s tomato.


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